Praise the Lord New Life! This week is our district convention! Thursday night is the IABC Graduation Service and Friday is the Ordination Service, in both we will be celebrating New Lifers! We will be celebrating brothers Mauro Velasquez & Pablo Lomeli as they will be ordained into ministry, and brothers Marcus Kelting, Mario Perez, Joel Baeza, & Jorge Arrellano will be initiated into ministry. Come celebrate with us! Also, our very own Pastor Joe Aguilar will be preaching that night. Convention will end on Saturday with a message from our Bishop President! You won’t want to miss it! See you there!View Schedule Here.

Bishop Joe Aguilar is the Pastor of Merced New Life Apostolic Church.  He has served as our pastor for over 25 years.  Pastor Joe Aguilar with his wife, Sister Margaret Aguilar, and the congregation welcome you.  Our prayer is that you will be blessed by this site and find the resources needed to assist in your walk with Christ.