Fasting-Start Preparing Now

The Merced New Life Prayer and Fasting Journey commences on January 8, 2018.  For those choosing to participate, that leaves one week before the start of scheduled corporate fasting.  It’s a good idea to begin eliminating foods now!  Sugary foods, foods high in fat and caffeinated drinks should be reduced or eliminated from your diet this week.  In doing so, the unpleasant side effects brought on by fasting such as fatigue, nausea, and headaches can be mitigated.  Easing into the fast by eliminating foods now will set you up for success while following any fast outlined in the Prayer and Fasting guide.

Prayer – Human Communication With God

Prayer is human communication with God.  God knows our hearts, but he wants us to share our thoughts with him willingly through prayer.  Speaking to God is like talking to a trusted friend or confessing to a loving parent.  As followers of Christ, one of our goals is to learn how to be honest with God, developing the ability to freely share our faults, desires, and concerns with him.  Our God is a God that responds to needs!

1 Peter 5:7 (KJV) Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Leader’s Meeting January 6, 2018

NLAC Leadership Vision Challenge

January 6, 2018

3pm – 5pm


All leaders and wives, please plan on attending this important event.

Baptism – Leo Serna

Leo Serna was baptized in Jesus name on December 24, 2017.  After being hit by a stray bullet three years ago, Leo experienced a personal miracle.  The bullet traveled through his knee and ended its flight logged in his arm, but God had mercy on Leo.  Now at thirteen years of age Leo found himself at a crossroads and God granted him the wisdom to receive salvation.  Rejoice with us!

December 24 Service

Christmas Service is scheduled for Sunday, December 24th at 10 am. See you there!

End-Time Restoration

End-Time Restoration is scheduled for March 8-10.
You can find event information and tickets on

Daniel Fast – No Deep Fried Foods

Unfortunately, even though the Daniel Fast allows the inclusion of oils such as coconut oil and olive oil, deep fried foods are not permissible.  That means that deep fried tortilla chips are not allowed.  Baked chips are fine.  Here is a link to a whole wheat tortilla recipe.  After cooking your tortillas, try baking them in the oven for crispy tortilla chips.  I enjoy tortillas chips with homemade guacamole, salsa or hummus.  If you don’t want to go through all the trouble try carrot or celery sticks.


what child is this

What child is this

“He left riches and honor, for linen and grave

He took on flesh, that I might be saved

He entrusted his life, to human hands

learned obedience and honor, upon this land

Taught in the synagogues and temples alike

Never fearing man, when they disliked.

Authority and power, became his fame,

never a man who spoke the same

Beholding the cross, his purpose he knew

Not my will, but thy will must I do.

A kiss and betrayed, with spears and swords

turned into tears and many foul words

With stripes, and beatings and thorns and pain

a silent lamb to the slaughter, he did remain

He loved me enough, that he laid down his life

Paid my debt in full, with a precious price.

What child is this, that I would come to know

who now is my father, and not my foe

As a child he cried, in death he was still

seeking only my heart and a surrendered will

What child is this, who came with a call

who now calls me, and wants my all

What child is this, to whom we bow our knee

He is, Jesus by name, a King by decree”


Prayer Schedule


They Opened Up Their Homes

When I became a new Christian, there were so many biblical concepts that I didn’t understand.  There were so many things about God’s word that I didn’t know and that I needed to learn.  I wouldn’t have made it through the conversion process had it not been for God’s loving people welcoming me with open arms.

I remember after church on Sundays, after joining a friendship group, we’d meet at different homes and talk about God; learning about all the great things He has done.  On any particular week, we’d have lunch at a designated home.  As we broke bread together, I recall having great discussions.  People shared their testimonies and took the time to get to know me.  As coffee was served, the facilitator would begin the friendship group lesson.  The talks lasted for an hour or more, but the time would fly by.  The group members shared their successes and their missteps.  While sharing their thoughts, it would bring some to tears, and we’d pray for them.  The meetings always ended with prayer.  I remember holding hands with the others, and we’d pray for one another.   They taught me how to pray.  Friendship group provided a loving, healing environment, and I thank God for it.

Those moments of fellowship were critical to my spiritual growth, and they still are.  It’s so important that we open up our homes to people.  It’s so vital that we give our time and that we show ourselves friendly.  I owe my brothers and sisters in Christ so much!  I’m grateful for what they did for me!  They poured themselves out to me, and I don’t think I could ever repay them.  The only thing I can do moving forward is to open up my home to others, and hopefully, they can have a similar experience.  I’m honestly blessed to have met such beautiful people.